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* Online English Tutor
              CV/resume .pdf
              Self-introduction video .mp4
              Self-introduction audio .mp3

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              TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate  .jpg
              Zoom and Voov meeting numbers
                    Zoom passcode - 123
                    No passcode for Voov

              Internet connection
              Passport/ID card

* Team Manager
* Recruitment Agent
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Teaching Position


Who can apply for the position? Teachers from  the USA/UK/Europe/Philippines

When do teachers get paid?5th and 20th of the month

What is the nationality of the students? Chinese

How old are the students? all age groups

Who provides lesson materials? Provided by the company (portal)

What's the payment method? PayPal

Is the teacher paid if the student is absent? Yes

Can teachers request for cancellation?1 week prior

Are trial lessons paid? Paid trial lesson if the lesson is successful

Is the trial lesson paid if the student is absent? No. The the admin will advise you to leave the room.

What if the student is absent? Paid if student is absent

What is the teaching software? Zoom and Voov

What's the time zone used? Beijing

Group classes or one-to-one classes? One to one

Do I need to use my webcam? Yes. All classes are video classes.

How about training and orientation? Provided by the company 

Do we have a contract/agreement? Yes. 

How long is the contract? No limitation

What if I want to quit? Notify us at least 2 weeks prior to the effectivity of your resignation.

Are there incentives? Referral incentive, best teacher of the month (admin qualitative observation plus attendance and punctuality and number of classes), best team of the month

Is there promotion? Team Management/Leadership - You may want to apply for team management when you've been part of the company for at least 3 months. Start earning more by receiving commissions

How much is the referral incentive? When your recruit has hit their first 45 classes you'll get $30, Only company teachers can recruit teachers.




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