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Best Teacher | February 2022 | Honey Harriet Lozano

For the last twelve months, teacher Hanee has been one of the best employees in the company. Her passion for teaching is out of this world. Her students love her and so she gives her full effort to make her classes as much as fun and engaging. She is a role model to other teachers. Congratulations to you Teacher Hanee!!!

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Gizella Marie Lucio
Gizella Marie Lucio
Jun 18, 2022

I've worked with this STUPID AND MANIPULATING COMPANY and whoa! What a shame! They still exploit Filipino teachers at a very meager 130 pesos/hr salary!??? Gosh! Luna, ano ba namang katarantaduhan yan!? MAHIYA KAYO! Nung ako'y pinagkaisahan niyo, TAKOT NA TAKOT KAYO SAKIN DAHIL MARAMI AKONG ALAM, and I befriended some of those you've also manipulated before. JUST BE CAREFUL GUYS, once you see something scrupulous about the management, you could lose the job! THEY WILL PLAY YOU! Well, I for one, NEVER THOUGHT THEY'D GANG UP ON ME since I WAS VERY VOCAL. about the hocus-pocus inside there. I was a VERY GOOD TEACHER! They just barked on the wrong tree that's why I ended up BEING AN ANTI-COO…

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